Positive Outlook – Issue 7.0 – Aug 2014

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Share the load 
Andrew C. Furman, MD FACEP

Medicine is fraught with shades of gray. Steroids are good. No, steroids are bad. The literature clearly states, we should be doing this! No wait, that study was funded by the drug company. What is true is literature can guide our practice and help support decisions our experience and training tells us is the right thing to do. The key is how we communicate that literature and experience with the decisions we make WITH (not for) our patients. READ MORE.

Is There Any Hope for Malpractice Reform?

There Are Rays of Hope
Medical malpractice continues to loom large in the minds of just about every practicing physician. Claims and rates are declining, but the problem of lawsuits against physicians is far from tapering off. And upcoming changes in medicine due to doctor/hospital consolidations and uncertainty about the impact of the Affordable Care Act may bring more developments. READ MORE.

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