Positive Outlook – Issue 9.0 – Feb 2015

20% discount on HIPAA Service program through PPIX.

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Complying with the HIPAA Security Rule and satisfying the Meaningful Use Core Objectives that require a Security Risk Analysis can be a confusing, time consuming and expensive process for a busy medical practice.  However, it no longer need be for PPIX clients thanks to a new agreement between PPIX and HIPAA Secure Now! READ MORE.
PPIX is pleased to offer a unique customer service workshop on the importance of the patient experience

Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange is dedicated to preserving private practices delivery of medicine. Hospital systems continue to acquire independent physician practices (both primary care and specialties) at a rapid rate.  A decade ago, 57% of physicians were in private practices.  In 2013, the percentage fell to 36%. The control of  traditional referral sources by competitive health systems,  poses serious challenges to the survival of  independent practices which in turn demands new management strategies. READ MORE.

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