Integrated Risk Management System – “It Is Cheaper to Prevent a Claim Than Win One.”

Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange has developed and implemented the first “Integrated Risk Management Program” which creates a direct interface between the physicians (insureds), their practices, and our risk manager. The company is very proud of this accomplishment. We believe that this program decreases frequency and severity of litigation. In addition, at no cost to our physicians or their practices, the program improves quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The risk coordinators are the active catalyst which drives the program.  Every practice is requested to appoint a risk coordinator from within their office.  The risk coordinators are trained by Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange and are responsible for notifying us of any Potentially Compensable Events (PCEs). Our risk manager actively works with the risk coordinators and their practice to monitor the PCE and intervene in the spectrum of care as soon as appropriate.  This program allows us to get closer to the event that can cause a claim and do what we can to make the patient feel that they have the attention of the practice and that the practice cares by erasing unhappy patients’ file claims. By allowing us to provide additional hand-holding support to your practice, we have shown that we can reduce the frequency and severity of claims.

No one wins a malpractice claim- it’s only a matter of how much it costs.  It is cheaper to prevent a claim than defend and win one.

It is important for our members to understand that the risk management coordinators notify our third-party administrator (Kurt Gingrich) of any potentially compensable events.

Reporting PCEs does not count against a practice or physician.

Reporting a PCE does not have any impact on the physician’s premium.

Not reporting PCEs followed by resultant claims can result in a review of the practice’s risk control systems.

Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange reviews these events from the perspective of decreasing their likelihood in the future and decreasing their potential financial impact on our insureds and on our company,

Our medical review board is made up of your peers. These physicians are all in active clinical practice and are representative of our diverse geographic distribution. Our medical review board plays a creative role in reviewing the PCEs and providing real-time perspective and input into addressing the issues.

What differentiates a physician-driven company from the competition is that our decisions are not made in the vacuum of a boardroom. Our board members must live and practice with the outcomes of their policies.

I personally would like to thank all our members and their staffs for their trust and support through the development of this company. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish to date.


Lewis Sharps MD

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