Business Owner’s Policies

Business Owner’s Policies for healthcare professionals help safeguard your practice against uncertainty.

By bundling General Liability and Property Insurance policies together, your BOP provides coverage to protect your practice from liability claims filed against your practice and from natural disasters, fires, or criminal activity that destroys office space and equipment.

Through the General Liability portion of your BOP, we can also ensure the legal funds needed to defend your business against a claim alleging injury, bodily harm, or property damage. The Business Owner’s Policy can cover attorney’s fees, court-ordered settlements, bond premiums, and more, up to your policy limits. Because lawsuits can still be costly even when a settlement is not awarded, your coverage will also cover the costs of defending your business against a meritless claim.

In addition to safeguarding your business against third-party lawsuits, your BOP also protects your business assets through the Property Insurance portion of your policy. This includes coverage for your practice foundation, medical equipment, business signs, computer systems, credit card machines, office supplies, and furnishings, depending on your policy. Typically, this coverage will kick in to replace covered assets should a tornado, fire, theft, or act of vandalism take place. If you rent equipment, your BOP can also cover other people’s property in your care.

Talk to one of our healthcare-business insurance experts today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about purchasing a BOP for your medical practice.