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Working cooperatively with our clients, PCA helps physicians address existing exposures, meet HIPAA compliance and verifiably reduce risk. We implement an Integrated Risk Management Program which has an unparalleled track record of reducing the potential of claims, and helps you the insured continue to deliver the highest quality of medical care possible.

PCA offers a wide-range of medical malpractice insurance to healthcare professionals in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Management
  • IME Insurance
  • Compliance Consultation
  • Lunch n' Learn

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Medical Malpractice Insurance

We offer healthcare professionals a range of medical malpractice insurance options. From occurrence coverage to claims-made coverage. We can match your practice with the perfect plan based on the unique aspects of your practice.

Below is a list of coverages we offer:

  • Occurrence Coverage
  • Occurrence-Plus Coverage
  • Claims-Made Coverage
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • Tail Coverage

Want to switch plans? No need to tail out and start again. We can always transition you from your claims made policy into an occurrence policy, thus providing you long term protection, without the expense of buying an extended reporting endorsement.

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PCA, a malpractice insurance exchange, is focused on our physicians and dedicated to excellence. We genuinely care about the physicians whom we insure and embrace a long-term commitment to our clients. We want to learn from and grow with the needs of the community in the most effective way. PCA will always provide stable, affordable malpractice insurance coverage, effective risk management solutions and aggressive claims management. Our reputation is founded upon constant personal service, competitive pricing and dedication to our insureds, and the reliable advice we give. PCA is the choice of thousands of medical practices across Pennsylvania and Michigan because of our commitment to serve physicians.


PCA goes further than our competition in both Pennsylvania and Michigan. We want to learn from and address the needs of the healthcare community.

Since 2003, we have helped countless physicians in Pennsylvania relax and continue providing the highest quality medical care to their patients. We believe that by implementing an integrated risk and claims management strategy, you can reduce the probability of adverse outcomes and malpractice claims and improve overall quality of care throughout the healthcare industry.

In 2013 PCA was proud to expand its coverage to Michigan where we look forward to providing the same physician centric approach to Medical malpractice coverage.

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