Introducing The Positive Physicians Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).

Positive Physician's Group Purchasing Organization

We believe that if we can help lower your overhead, we can help your practice whether the current healthcare environment.  The Positive Physicians GPO will allow us to offer you access to vendors that are essential to your daily office and home activities. These vendors have contracted with us to provide discounts from their usual fee schedules.  Updates to this list will be sent on a regular basis as new vendors join our group including Medical Supplies and Digital Providers.  Becoming a member of the GPO is Voluntary. There are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements nor membership fees.  In order to become a Member of the GPO, please contact Jason Sharps at

He will provide you a Subscribers Participation Agreement and Information Form for completion and submission. Please note that these Vendor Discounts are available to all insureds and your families as well as your employees.

List of Discounts




Office Supplies

Office Depot
Avg Savings 45% on 500+ Items
10% off just about everything in stock in stores and online

Car Rental

Rental card discount of 5% available at any location at anytime

Credit Card

US Pay
30% – 50% discount off credit card processing service


Avg Savings 15%
on Maps, Mops, Soaps, Towels, Linens, Air Fresheners, Cleaning Chemicals, Restroom Cleaning and Uniforms

Computers, Laptops, Printers & Accessories

Save 10% – 30%


Best Buy
Save 10% on Average

Medical Supplies & Distribution


Background Check Services

Safe Hiring Solutions