IME Insurance

Your team at Positive Physicians has identified a new strategy being employed against physicians who perform Independent Medical Exams (IME’s) for defense counsels. There has been a flurry of lawsuits lodged against physicians performing IME’s, which do not claim bodily harm to the patient. The claim for the lawsuit is a conspiracy between the physician performing the IME and the insurer to prevent the plaintiff from receiving their appropriate settlement. In addition, the lawsuit claims fraud and conspiracy.

Medical Malpractice policies do not cover allegations of fraud, conspiracy and non-bodily harm. Our IME policy does cover claims in which there is no bodily injury to the patient. To further protect our insureds, we have worked with the London insurance market place to create a unique product at a very low cost that will protect the physician from this type of exposure. The average cost for $100,000 of defense coverage is approximately $1,850 per year. If you perform IME’s, we would strongly encourage you to consider having this extra layer of protection.

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