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Established in 2002 and among the premier physician-driven medical malpractice insurance company’s in the country, Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange, offers experienced insurance and risk management services to medical professionals in Pittsburgh and provides focused, physicians-driven programs. Positive Physicians has been assigned a Financial Stability Rating of A, Exceptional, from Demotech, Inc. and is reinsured by Lloyds of London.

We take great pride in having developed a progressive and systematic approach to protecting physicians from risk. This type of specialty focus coupled with our ability to provide rates as much as 20% lower than the competition is why Positive Physicians has been the choice for hundreds of practices across Pittsburgh.

Please find a listing of the coverages we offer. If interested in a free online quote and demonstration of our services, please fill out the form to the right or or contact us. If you want a free online insurance and financial diagnostic, click here or on the box to the right.

Occurrence Coverage
Occurrence policies cover any incident while the policy is (or was) active, regardless of when the incident is reported or when it becomes a claim.

Claims Made Coverage 
A claims-made policy covers claims reported while your policy is active.

Claims-Made Plus Coverage
Claims-Made Plus  polices offer general coverage with  pre-paid, tail coverage

Prior Acts Coverage 
Prior acts coverage provides coverage for claims that were made while insured under  a prior claims-made policy.

Tail Coverage 
Tail coverage protects you against  claims that occurred  during previous claims-made  policy coverage, and the claim is made after policy termination.

Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange is committed to providing medical specialty physicians with features and benefits that help increase patient safety, improve overall medical care and decrease medical malpractice litigation and policy costs. We offer custom risk and claims management and aggressive claims defense with leading defense counsel who specialize in Pittsburgh medical liability cases.

Positive Physicians’ Medical Review Board is comprised of your peers from various specialties and geographically representative regions of the state. Board supervision extends to every aspect of the company, including:

  • Risk Management
  • Claims
  • Potentially Compensable Events
  • Physician Dispute Settlement

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Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

All states establish their own statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases. The statute of limitations sets the amount of time a patient has to file a lawsuit against a medical provider.

According to Pennsylvania malpractice law, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims is two years. This two-year countdown does not begin until the point where the patient discovers or reasonably should have discovered that the injury occurred.

For cases arising after March 2002, there is an additional statute which applies. This statute states that injured patients are allowed up to seven years from the date the medically negligent act occurred to file suit. This means that if the injury is discovered more than seven years after the medically negligent act occurred, the patient will not be able to file a lawsuit against the medical provider.

Damages in Pennsylvania Malpractice Cases

When you file a claim against a medical provider, the compensation you are seeking as a result of your lawsuit is known as damages.

Pennsylvania malpractice law allows patients to collect several types of damages. The first type is known as compensatory damages. Compensatory damages pays injured patients for actual costs, such as medical bills and lost wages due to time taken off of work.

There are also non-economic damages. These are damages that compensate the patient for intangible costs, such as pain and suffering.

Pennsylvania has no caps when it comes to compensatory and non-economic damages. This means that state medical malpractice laws do not limit how much a court can award you for these types of damages.

The final type of damages available to patients is known as punitive damages. These damages serve to punish doctors and other healthcare professionals whose recklessness causes injury to a patient. This recklessness might take the form of malicious actions or fraud. If there is no intentional misconduct on the part of the healthcare professional, then state law caps punitive damages at 200 percent of compensatory damages. In addition, 25 percent of all punitive damages awarded to a patient must go into a special fund known as the MCARE Fund. This fund serves to pay patients whose claims exceed the healthcare provider’s malpractice insurance coverage.