Positive Outlook - Issue 10 - June 2015


Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange (PPIX) is presently in its 14th year of operations. We are proud to announce that we are now fully authorized as an admitted insurance carrier in the state of Maryland. This makes us approved for writing insurance in five contiguous states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware and Maryland. We continue to maintain a very strong relationship with Lloyds of London for our reinsurance in all five states.

Our keystones to success have been the risk and claim management programs. Janet McCrossen continues to provide lunch and learn sessions for all of our groups and the feedback has been overwhelmingly excellent. Kurt Gingrich provides an unsurpassed level of excellence in managing claims and taking them to successful outcomes. We are currently 17:1 Defense Verdicts vs Plaintiff Verdicts.

2014 was a great year for Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange. We experienced significant growth and, at the same time, we became even more financially solid, adding to surplus and increasing our RBC ratios. Our company continues to live up to its original Mission Statement of providing pricing “predictability and stability” to our insureds so they can continue to provide the highest quality medical care available.

Best regards,

Lewis Sharps, MD