Empowering Care, Ensuring Positivity

Advanced medical professional liability protection and risk management designed for healthcare professionals.

Protect Your Practice with Positive Coverage

Discover Comprehensive Insurance Coverages

Join a thriving community of healthcare professionals who trust our specialized and meticulously tailored coverage. Offering competitive rates, targeted solutions, and comprehensive protection, our premium coverage options and forward-thinking plans ensure your practice's security and growth.

Optimize Your Practice with Expert Risk Management

Access curated risk mitigation training and exclusive resources setting the path for exceptional patient care. To enhance your practice's protection, leverage our established risk management strategies to proactively detect and address potential threats, minimizing liability and fortifying your practice's security and longevity.

Leading the Way: Insurance Carrier Authorized in Multiple States

As our horizons broaden, so does our promise to protect you. Access exceptional coverage and attentive service as we extend our reach to multiple states.

We proudly serve a vast network of healthcare providers across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Anticipate our upcoming arrival in your area as we continue to expand, bringing our trusted services to more healthcare communities.

Comprehensive Protection, Empowered Practice

Tailored solutions are curated exclusively for your practice, ensuring your unique requirements receive personalized attention and expert support.

Thought Leaders in Risk Management

Access visionary education and intelligent risk management solutions that empower you to protect your medical practice with confidence and foresight.

Advocacy at Its Best

In the event of a claim, we're by your side - addressing losses well beyond financial. From time and reputation to serenity, we handle every aspect with confidentiality, clarity, and intentionality.

Confidence for the Future

Partner with us for proven rate stability, predictable claims, and steadfast support backed by Bain Capital and Enstar Holdings LLC. Our foundation rests on sound, flexible underwriting, ensuring responsible premiums and consistent results.

Our Promise

Empathy in Every Interaction

We get it – facing a potential lawsuit is one of the most stressful moments a medical provider can face. We understand the weight of defending your reputation and livelihood and stand firmly by your side, providing expert assistance and compassionate reassurance every step of the way.

Premier Risk Management Education & Training

As a valued insured member of Positive Physicians, you will enjoy exclusive access to cutting-edge risk management education and training, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate potential challenges and safeguard your practice's future.

Empowering Medical Professionals with Positive Coverage

When it comes to protecting your practice, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive insurance coverage acts as your impenetrable shield, defending you against potential liabilities. Our expert team tailors policies to meet your specific needs providing a safety net that allows you to focus on what matters most—exceptional patient care.

Our Story: A Foundation of Protection

At Positive Physicians Insurance Company, our story began with a vision to revolutionize the medical professional liability insurance landscape. With personalized coverage and innovative risk management solutions, we stand as trusted advocates. Learn more about our story and commitment to your success on our About Us page.

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Connect With Positive Physicians

We’re dedicated to your professional success. Reach out to our team for inquiries, claims reporting, credential requests, risk management support, underwriting, or general customer service needs. We are here for you, every step of the way.

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