Risk Management

Mitigate Risk and Elevate Your Practice

Empowering Your Practice

Risk Management for Healthcare Professionals
Mitigate Risk and Elevate Your Practice

At Positive Physicians, we're committed to empowering our insureds with impactful risk management resources that lead to meaningful progress within their practice. Our partnership with the esteemed Medical Interactive Community (MI), equips medical professionals like you to navigate risks, enhance patient safety, and secure their practice against threats inherent to their profession. Through our membership, we’re offering you these resources and access to an extensive library of comprehensive training materials and webinars, each carefully crafted to address critical areas of clinical risk – complimentary with your policy.

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Risk Management Benefits for Positive Insureds

Stay up to date with annual education compliance and cultivate practice resilience with dedicated risk management courses. Seamlessly navigate changing regulations, ensure exceptional patient care, and benefit from accessible, top-tier training.

Comply with Medical Education Requirements through Accredited Courses

Stay current with evolving patient safely standards while acquiring CME, CNE, AAPA, AANP, and MOC-approved credits.

Empower Your Care with Enhanced Patient Safety

Courses focus on risk management solutions that boost patient safety and care quality. Provide care with confidence, knowing you're armed with the latest strategies to mitigate potential liabilities.

Access Expert-Backed Education

Immerse yourself in knowledge curated by national medical experts across all specialties. Stay ahead of emerging medical malpractice risks with insights tailored to your specialty.

Risk Prevention and Mitigation Specific to Your Specialty

Gain valuable insight into inherent risk exposures. Securing your practice against potential threats that will ultimately enhance patient safety.

Access Risk Solutions Today

Navigate the complexities of healthcare with confidence. Explore carefully curated risk mitigation training and resources to elevate your practice and patient care.

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Medical Interactive Help Desk

For MI related inquiries or support, please reach out to them at help@medicalinteractive.com.

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Disclaimer: Medical Interactive Community is an independent entity. Positive Physicians is not responsible for the content or availability of Medical Interactive Community's resources.

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