Risk Management

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Risk Management and Risk Assessment

Positive Physicians’ takes an aggressive, team-oriented approach to risk management with the goal of reducing the frequency of claim submissions and the potential risk associated with each claim.

Our risk management programs are designed to help physicians and their staff recognize potential malpractice risks and take preemptive action to prevent or control them. We ask that a current practice employee be designated the Risk Management Coordinator for the practice.  This individual is asked to monitor any potential risk concern within the practice and serves as a liaison between the practice and Positive Physicians.

After your practice assigns a Risk Management Coordinator, Positive Physicians’ will train that person as to our notification process for potential compensation events. In addition, Positive Physicians will provide ongoing consultation including quarterly conference calls to discuss any malpractice issue or concerns. The risk management program is also designed to supply communication protocol training between the front and back offices to ensure the potential of risk is limited. We provide your office with a suite of support services to assist in controlling physicians’ exposures to risk, including the services of Gateway Risk Services, one of the industry’s most recognized experts in claims handling and loss control.

A FREE Risk Assessment is available to your practice which will involve review and evaluation of:

  • Policies/Procedures
  • New staff training activities
  • Phone/message logs
  • EMR (if applicable) – Templates
  • Chart documentation
  • Operative/Informed consents
  • Infection control practices
  • Patient grievance process
  • Physician communication with the group
  • Complication notification process
  • High Risk Patients – How to Identify and Handle
  • Medication management
  •  Facility (cleanliness/obstacles/maintenance of equipment)